Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Prize Finalists

The finalists for the Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Prizes have been announced. They are:

Pre-doctoral category

  • David Fernández: Non-Deterministic Semantics for Dynamic Topological Logic
  • Ekaterina Fokina: Index Sets for Some Classes of Structures
  • Pavel Hrubes: On lengths of proofs in non-classical logics
  • Maryanthe Malliaris: Realization of phi-types and Keisler’s order
  • Kentaro Sato: The Strength of Extensionality – Weak Weak Set Theories with Infinity
  • Henry Towsner: Ordinal Analysis by Transformations

Post-doctoral category

  • Andrey Bovykin: Independence results in concrete mathematics
  • Vasco Brattka: A Computable Version of Banach’s Inverse Mapping Theorem
  • Andreas Fischer: O-minimal analytic separation of sets in dimension two
  • Stefan Geschke: Low distortion embeddings of infinite metric spaces into the real line
  • James Hirschorn: A strong antidiamond principle compatible with CH
  • Peter Koellner: On Reflection Principles

Senior category

  • Jeremy Avigad: The metamathematics of ergodic theory
  • Thierry Coquand: Space of valuations
  • Fernando Ferreira: Injecting uniformities into Peano arithmetic
  • Yuri Matiyasevich: Finite-fold Diophantine representations
  • Andreas Weiermann: Phase transitions for Goedel incompleteness

Final decisions are expected April 9. The prizes will be awarded on Kurtele’s birthday, April 28, in Vienna.

John Burgess, Philosophical Logic

John Burgess has a draft of a book on Philosophical Logic up on his website. It focusses on logics with direct philosophical relevance. It starts with temporal and modal logic, deals with conditional logics, “relevantistic” logics, and intuitionistic logic. It will be a relatively slim volume, but there’s still a lot of interest in here: a nice little book. (HT: Kai von Fintel)

Checklist for submitting a manuscript

Mike Kaspari of Getting things done in academia has a useful checklist of things to do before you send off a paper. It talks about “data”, “results”, and “controls”, but it mostly applies to logic or philosophy as well. Mike asks for input on what else one should do.
(HT: Semantics etc.)