My First Paper!

I went through old floppies when I went back home over the summer and found the first logic paper I ever wrote! It was on proof theory and general algebra (I guess I must have taken courses in both at the time–1992). For your amusement: A Paedagogical Example of Cut-Elimination

A paedagogical Example of Cut-Elimination

Women Speakers at ASL Meetings

Johanna Franklin has taken on the thankless task of tallying and analyzing the number (and proportion) of female invited speakers at meetings organized by the Association for Symbolic Logic. Her posts are up at the Women in Logic blog:

(The ASL Membership committee received a report in 2009 on this; the data there was a bit more detailed but only covered 2001-09.)

Interview with Hao Wang and Robin Gandy

In 1991, I videotaped talks at the Kurt Gödel Colloquium in Kirchberg (it was supposed to be held jointly with the Wittgenstein Symposium, that got cancelled). I also videotaped a conversation with Hao Wang and Robin Gandy, students and friends, respectively, of Gödel and Turing.  I can’t for the life of me remember who the interviewer was. Anyway, you may find it interesting:

[Photo credit: San and Jane Wang]