New Blog, Tonk, and Normalization

Another logic/language/philosophy of math blog started up yesterday: It’s still anonymous, but the author wrote over at that she’ll put up contact details soon. One of the first posts discusses the fact that natural deductions for ordinary propositional logic normalizes (well, at least without negation it does), but it doesn’t when you add the intro and elim rules for Prior’s tonk.

Philosophia Mathematica now online through OUP

Philosophia Mathematica, the only (and hence, the) journal on philosophy of mathematics, is now being published/distributed by Oxford University Press (for cooperation with the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics/Société canadienne d’histoire et de philosophie des mathématiques. That means, in particular, that it’s now (finally!) available online. The latest issue (February 2005) even seems to be available for free; it contains three interesting essays on category theory by Colin McLarty, Stewart Shapiro and my colleague Elaine Landry‘s “Category Theory Manifesto” (joint with Jean-Pierre Marquis), plus reviews of Calixto Badesa’s book on Löwenheim and Skolem, Charles Chihara’s newest book on structuralism in math, and Dennis Hesseling’s book on Brouwer. Hopefully they’ll add previosu issues to the archive, too.