Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Prize Finalists

The finalists for the Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Prizes have been announced. They are: Pre-doctoral category David Fernández: Non-Deterministic Semantics for Dynamic Topological LogicEkaterina Fokina: Index Sets for Some Classes of StructuresPavel Hrubes: On lengths of proofs in non-classical logicsMaryanthe Malliaris: Realization of phi-types and Keisler's orderKentaro Sato: The Strength of Extensionality - Weak Weak … Continue reading Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Prize Finalists

Checklist for submitting a manuscript

Mike Kaspari of Getting things done in academia has a useful checklist of things to do before you send off a paper. It talks about "data", "results", and "controls", but it mostly applies to logic or philosophy as well. Mike asks for input on what else one should do. (HT: Semantics etc.)