Logic Course Survey

Can you help the ASL Committee on Logic Education? Please take this survey. Dear Members of the ASL,One of the responsibilities of the ASL Education Committee is to help its membership tackle pedagogical difficulties in teaching logic courses. In order to properly do this, we need to fully understand the goals such courses are intended … Continue reading Logic Course Survey

New Logic Books

Peter and Ole were faster than me, so I'll just link to their posts:Peter Smith on Mathematical Logic by Chiswell and Hodges and The Mathematics of Logic by Kaye.Ole Thomassen Hjortland on Logic's Lost Genius: The Life of Gerhardt Gentzen by Mentzler-Trott.

SSHRC Funding Stats

Below the funding statistics for grants in the Philosophy Committee for SSHRC Standard Research Grants. The explanation for why so few grants were awarded this year is pretty clear: rather than cut grants across the board, SSHRC decided to respond to the 23% cut in overall funding for the program over last year by making … Continue reading SSHRC Funding Stats

Moscow-Vienna Workshop

I'm at the Moscow-Vienna Workshop on Logic and Computation. We're on the second day. Yesterday was started off with a way-over-my-head talk by Sergei Adian on his and Novikov's solution to the Burnside problem. Today, Michel Parigot just gave a very interesting talk on a constructive, but classical proof system. His aim is to develop … Continue reading Moscow-Vienna Workshop