Logic Minisymposium with Burgess, Fine, and Urquhart

If you're not on our mailing list: The Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary is pleased to announce aMinisymposium on LogicAll talks will take place in 1253 Social Sciences Building***Friday, November 4, 4:00 pmAlasdair UrquhartUniversity of TorontoThe UnnameableFrege has a puzzling doctrine that functions are unsaturated entities. This paper is devoted to an … Continue reading Logic Minisymposium with Burgess, Fine, and Urquhart

Philosophy of Math, in French

Via Varia, I see that the French-Canadian journal Philosophiques is actually freely avaliable online since 1999. There are some online issues that are interesting for the logic/history of analytic/philosophy of math crowd, e.g., the special issue on Bolzano edited by Sandra Lapointe, and the issue on Poincaré's epistemology (the latter includes a short piece by … Continue reading Philosophy of Math, in French

Springer OpenChoice: Why?

Just came across the OpenChoice program of Springer Verlag: Springer Open Choice gives you the power to choose how you want your research published. As an author-focused publishing company, Springer believes that authors should have the right to determine what publication model best meets their needs.Springer Open Choice is exactly what it says: a choice. … Continue reading Springer OpenChoice: Why?