On the Road Again

I'm in Singapore this week, giving a talk at ISMVL, and then visiting Greg in Melbourne next week. Regularly scheduled programming--such as it's been--will resume June 1.

More Gödel Celebrations

A few more upcoming conferences marking Gödel's 100th birthday: The Annual Meeting of the ASL in Montreal next week will include a Special Gödel Symposium featuring Jeremy Avigad, Steve Awodey, Bill Tait, John Burgess, Akihiro Kanamori, and Sy Friedman.The Dutch Graduate School in Logic is putting on a Gödel Centenary Celebration in Utrecht, on May … Continue reading More Gödel Celebrations

Enigma and Colossus

I was talking to a friend of mine who works at the Technisches Museum Vienna the other day about Enigma and Colossus, since I had just heard Jack Copeland's talk at the Gödel Centennial about the history of Colossus. So I did some Googling and found some interesting books which I should get: Action This … Continue reading Enigma and Colossus

Wadler on Logic and Programming

Four interesting papers by Phillip Wadler: The unreasonable effectiveness of logicAs Natural as 0,1,2From Frege to Gosling: 19'th century logic and 21'st century programming languagesProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing available on his history of logic and programming languages page. (Hat tip: Lambda the Ultimate)