Report on OpenProof Day 2009

[On March 27, 2009, Stanford/CSLI hosted a workshop on OpenProof (aka, the software behind Barwise and Etchemendy's Language, Proof, and Logic textbook). Alexei Angelides was there and provided the following report for LogBlog.]On March 27th, CSLI and the OpenProof Project hosted a full day of presentation and discussion commemorating the, so to speak, tenth anniversary … Continue reading Report on OpenProof Day 2009

Logical Positiv-its

My colleague Marc Ereshefsky brought me back a book of sticky notes from LA: Logical Positivi-its. There are three: a defintional double arrow, one with a picture of Otto Neurath, and one with a picture of Wittgenstein with three check boxes: tautology, meaningless, or Schweigen (be silent).

ESSLLI 2009 in Bordeaux

If you'd rather go to France than Pittsburgh or LA, or you're not an undergrad student: 21st EUROPEAN SUMMER SCHOOL IN LOGIC, LANGUAGE AND INFORMATION ESSLLI 2009 Bordeaux, July 20-31 2009 The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is organized every year by the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) in … Continue reading ESSLLI 2009 in Bordeaux