Gödel Colloquium Tomorrow (Live Stream)

So the colloquium honoring the recipients of the Gödel Research Fellowships is tomorrow. There should be a live feed. It starts at 9:00 CDT (that's midnight tonight on the West Coast, and 3 am Eastern). I'll try to find out if the lectures will be archived.

Reck on Dedekind

Erich Reck's entry on Richard Dedekind in the SEP is now online. I'm particularly happy about this one: It's time Dedekind gets some of the attention for his philosophy of math that Frege's been getting for his, and Erich's entry as well as his other work, I hope, will help bring that about. While many … Continue reading Reck on Dedekind

More SEP Entries

Two more new entries in the Stanford Encyclopedia of interest to logicians:The Development of Proof Theory by Jan von Plato and Non-wellfounded Set Theory by Larry Moss.From Jan's entry I see that his translation of the interesting third chapter of Genzen's thesis--wherein Gentzen proved normalization of natural deduction derivations--is out in the next issue of … Continue reading More SEP Entries

Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Fellowship Winners

Ok, that was faster than I expected: The winners of the Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Fellowships have been announced. They are: Pre-doctoral category David Fernández Duque (Stanford): Non-deterministic semantics for dynamic topological logicPavel Hrubeš (Czech Academy of Sciences): On lengths of proofs in non-classical logics Post-doctoral category Andrey Bovykin (Steklov/Liverpool): Independence results in concrete mathematicsPeter … Continue reading Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Fellowship Winners

Awareness Test

Hi, I promise to post something logic-related very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this funny video:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4&hl=en]Please look in the mirror before you open your car door!