Exact Philosophy

The Society for Exact Philosophy is meeting in Toronto right now. (Someone told me that the name of the society is a joke, but maybe they were joking. It's serious philosophy, in any event. And it's the 33rd annual conference, so if it's a joke, it's a long-running joke.) The keynote speakers are Jason Stanley, … Continue reading Exact Philosophy

Logical Constants

John MacFarlane's entry on logical constants is up at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Everyone interested in this should also read John's dissertation (including me, I admit).

Two New Logic Blogs

There are two new logic blogs linked on the sidebar. The first is Andrej Bauer's Mathematics and Computation, the other is Logicomp, a blog on logic and complexity theory by Anthony Widjaja at the University of Toronto.

Buffy and Disjunction

I try to keep an eye out for uses of logical connectives, etc., in "everyday life" that I can use in logic classes. Here's a nice use of excluded middle, in which neither disjunct is assertible, from "Two to go," the penultimate episode of Buffy, Season Six. Or maybe it's really an example of the … Continue reading Buffy and Disjunction