Ok, by popular demand, here's a list of the books in the new banner image:Ramsey, The Foundations of MathematicsHilbert and Bernays, Grundlagen der Mathematik I & II (2nd ed)Carnap, Logical Syntax of LanguageKneale and Kneale, The Development of LogicTarski, Einführung in die mathematische LogikRussell, Introduction to Mathematical PhilosophyRussell, Logic and KnowledgeBoolos, Logic, Logic, and LogicPeano, … Continue reading Bookshelf

Changes II

Ok, it looks like the move worked. Please let me know if you notice anything broken. And, if you're reading this on a feed reader, check out the new site design for a second.


The University of Calgary is moving its websites to a Content Management System (Drupal, to be specific). My homepage is scheduled to be migrated tonight. Now, I've tried very hard to not break any URLs or links (the IT people probably hate me by now), but there will be some changes. For instance, all the … Continue reading Changes

TYPES Summer School 2007

TYPES Summer School 2007Proofs of Programs and Formalisation of MathematicsAugust 19-31 2007, Bertinoro, Italy During the last ten years major achievements have been made in using computers for interactive proof developments to produce secure software and to show interesting mathematical results. Recent major results are, for instance, the complete formalisation of a proof of the … Continue reading TYPES Summer School 2007

Philosophy Spin-offs

Mark Lance posted this insightful message to FOM yesterday, in response to this thread on "progress in philosophy": "The aim of philosophy, abstractly formulated, is to understand how things in the broadest possible sense of the term hang together in the broadest possible sense of the term. Under "things in the broadest possible sense" I … Continue reading Philosophy Spin-offs

Icosidodecahedral prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron

Alasdair Urquhart was nice enough to identify the model that's dominating the lounge at BIRS. It's an icosidodecahedral prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron, and is made of 120 icosidodecahedra, 600 cuboctahedra, 720 pentagonal prisms, its faces are 3600 triangles, 3600 squares, 1440 pentagons, and it has 10,800 edges. I'm sure it's got something to do with E8 (the mapping … Continue reading Icosidodecahedral prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron

Species/the Reasoner

My colleague Marc has updated his SEP entry on Species. Jon Willimason is starting a new online thing called The Reasoner. The Reasoner is a monthly digest highlighting exciting new research on reasoning and interesting new arguments. It is interdisciplinary, covering research in, e.g., philosophy, logic, AI, statistics, cognitive science, law, psychology, mathematics and the … Continue reading Species/the Reasoner