Grigori Mints, 1939-2014

Very sad news today: Grisha Mints has died.  He was born June 7, 1939 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). He received his education in mathematics at Leningrad State University under N. A. Shanin, and held positions there, at the Steklov Institute in Leningrad, and then, from 1980-1991, at the Estonian Academy of Science in Tallinn.  … Continue reading Grigori Mints, 1939-2014

SIGLOG Launches

Just came via the proof theory mailing list. I'm wondering why the ASL is not mentioned along with the EATCS, EACSL, and KGS. Dear Colleague, I am delighted to announce the formation of a new special interest group focussed on logic and computation. The new SIG will be called SIGLOG. The officers are: Prakash Panangaden … Continue reading SIGLOG Launches

Large Cardinal 2048

Bored by small powers of 2? You can now play 2048, but with large cardinals instead. For the long version, you have to get all the way to 0=1. Fork by Chris Le Sueur, h/t David Schrittesser

SEP Entry on Łukasiewicz

The SEP finally has an entry on Jan Łukasiwicz, by Peter Simons: Jan Łukasiewicz (1878–1956) was a Polish logician and philosopher who introduced mathematical logic into Poland, became the earliest founder of the Warsaw school of logic, and one of the principal architects and teachers of that school. His most famous achievement was to give … Continue reading SEP Entry on Łukasiewicz

The Place of Logic in Computer Science Education

Helmut Veith and I are organizing a special session at the Logic Colloquium in Vienna.  The panelists will be Byron Cook (Microsoft Research), Alexander Leitsch (University of Technology Vienna), Prakash Panangaden (McGill University), Nicole Schweikardt (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main). The abstract copied from the ASL Committee on logic Education page: Logic has been called the … Continue reading The Place of Logic in Computer Science Education

Funded PhD Positions in Vienna (Logic in CS)

Check out the funded doctoral program in logic in computer science! TU Wien, TU Graz, and JKU Linz are seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students for their joint doctoral program LogiCS. The LogiCS doctoral college focuses on interdisciplinary research topics covering (i) computational logic, and applications of logic to (ii) databases and artificial intelligence … Continue reading Funded PhD Positions in Vienna (Logic in CS)