Paul Bernays at 120

In addition to the new special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Gödel's Dialectica interpretation, Wiley-Blackwell has made the original Dialectica issue in which it appeared freely available. That issue itself was a Festschrift in honour of Paul Bernays's 70th birthday. (I'm sorry I'm late to herewith commemorate the 120th birthday of Bernays, who was … Continue reading Paul Bernays at 120

The 50th Birthday of the Dialectica Interpretation

Gödel's paper containing his so-called Dialectica interpretation was published 50 years ago in, well, Dialectica. And so Dialectica has a special issue on Gödel's Dialectica interpretation, edited by Thomas Strahm. It looks like all the articles are freely available. Here's (most of) the introduction: Gödel's famous dialectica paper (1958), entitled 'Über eine bisher noch nicht … Continue reading The 50th Birthday of the Dialectica Interpretation