A Sequitur of Logicians?

Reading over my previous post, I was wondering if a group of scholars can be referred to as a "gaggle". So I did some research (i.e., I asked google) and happened upon this wiki page, which lists the appropriate collective noun for logicians as "sequitur", and attributes this to Bertrand Russell. Anyone got a reference … Continue reading A Sequitur of Logicians?

Conference Blogging

Greg is reporting from the Realism/Anti-Realism Workshop in Nancy, and Yarden from the CMU Summer School in Logic. Stay tuned for reports from Computability in Europe next week from yours truly.

History of Logic at HOPOS

I'm at HOPOS, which is loads of fun. All my history of analytic/history of logic buddies are here. But more to the point:Paolo Mancosu just gave the most amazing talk about the debate within the Vienna Circle about Tarski's theory of truth, in particular, the opposition that Neurath had voiced against it from the mid … Continue reading History of Logic at HOPOS

SciBlog Launch

SciBlog, a blog project of a bunch of science writers in Vienna, goes live tomorrow with an event at Depot. If you're in Vienna, come on by.

Philosophia Mathematica Issue on Gödel

The new issue of Philosophia Mathematica is devoted to Gödel. There are essays by Sol Feferman, Peter Koellner, Wilfried Sieg, Bill Tait, Rick Tieszen, and Mark van Atten, as well as a review of Torkel Franzén's Gödel's Theorem: An Incomplete Guide to its Use and Abuse.

I’m Back

After a week in Singapore and a week in Melbourne, I'm back in cold and rainy Vienna, nursing a cold and trying to finish two papers. Thanks to John and Belle, who I got to hang out with in Singapore, and to Allen, Conrad, Graham, Greg, Kate, Maren, Tama, and Zach for making it a … Continue reading I’m Back