More on Gödel in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Wow, it's just raining Gödel references. The latest issue of the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic is all about Gödel, with exciting-sounding titles like "Future tasks for Gödel scholars" (John W. Dawson, Jr. and Cheryl A. Dawson), "On Gödel's way in: the influence of Rudolf Carnap" (Warren Goldfarb), and "Gödel's reformulation of Gentzen's first consistency proof … Continue reading More on Gödel in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Gödel and Leibniz

I'm re-reading Coffa's The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap in preparation for my course on the Vienna Circle, and was struck by this quote on p. 14: With his characteristic blend of genius and insanity, Leibniz had conceived of a project in which the simple constituents of concepts would be represented by prime numbers … Continue reading Gödel and Leibniz


Well, I spent the last 2 weeks finishing a paper and cleaning house, and now I'm in Vienna and jetlagged. But I got all my library cards in order and checked out some books. Now all I need is some sleep, setting up some kind of internet access at home, and I'll be back to … Continue reading Jetlag

Kurt Gödel, paper on the incompleteness theorems (1931)


Ivor Grattan-Guinness, ed., Landmark Writings in Mathematics (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 2004), 917–925


This entry for the Landmark Writings in Mathematics collection discusses Kurt Gödel's 1931 paper on the incompleteness theorems, with a special emphasis on the historical and philosophical context.