Universal Logic in China

2nd World Congress and School on Universal LogicCall for papersXi'an, China, August 16-22, 2007 This event is the second in a series of events whose objective is to gather logicians from all orientations (philosophy, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, artificial intelligence etc) - people not focusing only on some specific systems of logic or some particular … Continue reading Universal Logic in China

Applied Logic Job in Darmstadt

The Department of Mathematics of the Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD) invites applications for a Juniorprofessorship in Mathematics - Applied Logic (W1 B BesG) to be filled 1.4.2007.Applicants must be qualified in Applied Logic. Applications from candidates working in "Mathematical Proof Theory" (e.g. proof mining, proofs as programs, reverse mathematics, constructive formal systems) and/or "Computability … Continue reading Applied Logic Job in Darmstadt

Hilbert in Kyoto

I just spent a wonderful week in Kyoto at the invitation of Susumu Hayashi. Susumu's been working on Hilbert's notebooks, and he, Mariko Yasugi, Wilfried Sieg, Koji Nagatogawa, and I have had several days of interesting discussions about them. The last two days there was a workshop on Hilbert and computability, and it was a … Continue reading Hilbert in Kyoto