Calgary Peripatetic Research Group in Logic and Category Theory

My colleague Robin Cockett and I have been running a research group here at Calgary where the various computer scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers interested in logic, theory, foundations, etc. meet and present work. For a long time we've had weekly meetings and everything went great, but then both Robin and I went on leave and … Continue reading Calgary Peripatetic Research Group in Logic and Category Theory

Kripke on Hilbert’s Program

The ASL Newsletter went out today, and it looks like the Winter Meeting will be very exciting: 2008-09 ASL Winter Meeting (with APA) Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 27–30, 2008This meeting will be held jointly with the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association. The program includes three invited sessions. For the first, a … Continue reading Kripke on Hilbert’s Program

Vienna International Summer University 2009: The Culture of Science and Its Philosophy

The Vienna International Summer University next year (July 13-24, 2009) will be on the topic "The Culture of Science and Its Philosophy". Call for Participation just came in. Stupid framed website: to apply, go to the website, then click on "Application" in the navigation bar on the left. Call for ApplicationApplication deadline: January 30, 2009 … Continue reading Vienna International Summer University 2009: The Culture of Science and Its Philosophy

Thank You, Internet

I'm going to pretend I'm not in the timezone I'm in, and that it's still OneWebDay. And sing the praises of the internet. Specifically, "today," I realized again how much I depend on the availability of information on the internet and the communication possibilities it opens up. As examples, two things: Hotel room, 3am, preparing … Continue reading Thank You, Internet

2008 Rolf Schock Prizes to Nagel, Szemeredi

The "Nobel of philosophy and logic" was awarded this year to Thomas Nagel. And the Schock Prize in mathematics goes to Endre Szemerédi. Full citations here (PDF).Update: I forgot that these were actually announced back in May. There's a symposium at the Swedisch Academy in honor of Nagel tomorrow.

Bloglines Problems

In Bloglines, the atom feed for LogBlog shows up as "does not exist", and it has so for a couple of days. Is that just me? Maybe I should just switch to Google Reader, but Google is almost taking on a Microsoft-ish quality in my mind. Plus, not sure it can do the blogroll the … Continue reading Bloglines Problems

Burgess’ Papers on Logic and Philosophy of Math

This one I found not on the internets, but in the Berkeley math library! John Burgess has a collection of philosophical papers out: Mathematics, Models, and Modality. It includes the classics "Why I am not a nominalist", "Mathematics and Bleak House", "Can truth out?", and "Quinus ab omni noevo vindicatus". Must buy, must read!

Cleaning House

So, sabbatical is over, I'm back in Calgary, started to teach yesterday (history of analytic, and Gödel's incompleteness theorem--from Peter's book). I saved so many posts in my reader over the summer that now there's more saved posts than new posts every day. Let's clean house. Graham Priest's Introduction to Non-classical Logic, 2nd edition, is … Continue reading Cleaning House

LHC is in da House!

Wow, this is amazing:[youtube=]Now that's what I call science communication! I look forward to the new EP from Kate McAlpine (emcee) and Will Barras (beats).PS: xkcd is on today as well.

Summer Schools in Logic and Learning (in the Winter)

The Summer Schools in Logic and Learning will be held January 26-February 6, 2009, and you're invited: An Open Invitation to attend theSummer Schools in Logic and Learning26 January to 6 February 2009Australian National University, Canberra, AustraliaOne of the grand challenges in science and engineering is to build computer systems that are trustworthy and intelligent. … Continue reading Summer Schools in Logic and Learning (in the Winter)

Intuitionism in the SEP

Rosalie Iemhoff has a new entry on intuitionism in the philosophy of mathematics for the Stanford Encyclopedia. It explains the basics of intuitionistic mathematics. Together with Mark van Atten's entries on the history of intuitionistic logic and on Brouwer, and Joan Rand Moschovakis's entry on intuitionistic logic, the SEP is now probably the premier source … Continue reading Intuitionism in the SEP

Henri Cartan, 1904-2008

Henri Cartan, last surviving member of the original Bourbakistes, died on August 13. He'll be remembered not just for his mathematical work, but also for his political engagement for human rights and European federalism. Obits:Daily TelegraphDie ZeitLe FigaroLe MondeNew York TimesWashington Post (HT: Giuseppina Ronzitti)