Per Lindström, 1936-2009

From the ASL Newsletter, I just learned that Per Lindström died two months ago: Per (Pelle) Lindström, the Swedish logician, died in Gothenburg, Sweden, on August 21, 2009, after a short period of illness. He was born on April 9, 1936, and spent most of his academic life at the Department of Philosophy, University of … Continue reading Per Lindström, 1936-2009

Reforming Graduate Education

New book out from Princeton UP on the Graduate Education Initiative of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, discussed on Inside Higher Ed. Not sure if any philosophy departments participated. In light of previous discussion on differential attrition rates for women in the pipeline, this should be interesting: Chapter 7 addresses a matter of continuing concern … Continue reading Reforming Graduate Education

Women in Philosophy

I'm glad to see some more discussion of the gender situation in philosophy discussed more widely. It started with an article in The Philosopher's Magazine, "Where are all the women?" which was then picked up in "A dearth of women philosophers" in the NYT. There are some interesting responses on Feminist Philosophers blog (first, second, … Continue reading Women in Philosophy

New Natural Deduction Software for Mac

Deductions is a program that is designed to help understand and construct proofs in natural deduction (in the Logic Book style). It runs only on Macs, so I couldn't try it out, but the videos look interesting.