Diversity Summer Program on Paradoxes

Maureen Eckert is organizing Summer Program for Diversity: Logic at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from May 22-28, 2016.  The program is open to undergraduates and recent graduates from underrepresented groups; there are 10 spaces and travel & lodging are provided.  The topic of the program is paradoxes: Paradoxes present the ultimate challenge—contradictions. Logicians and … Continue reading Diversity Summer Program on Paradoxes

William Craig, 1918-2016

Bill Craig died early Thursday morning at the age of 97.  He was a member of Berkeley's philosophy department since 1961, and a central figure in Berkeley's logic community.  He was warm, supportive, approachable, just really a wonderful person. Berkeley's memorial notice is here. We were office mates of sorts for two years.  I was … Continue reading William Craig, 1918-2016