Workshop on Structures and Deduction at ICALP

The "deep inference/calculus of structures" gang is organizing a workshop at ICALP (July 16-17) on "Structures and Deduction: The Quest for the Essence of Proofs." Deadline for paper submissions is April 15. Another opportunity to visit Lisbon.

Proofs and Types

Proofs and Types, the classic 1989 proof theory text by Jean-Yves Girard (translated and with appendices by Paul Taylor and Yves Lafont) has been online for over a year, I just found out. Now that Troelstra/Schwichtenberg is around, perhaps no longer the first place you'd go to read up on the Curry-Howard isomorphism and normalization, … Continue reading Proofs and Types

Wff ‘n Proof

I heard about this from a colleague, who played it as a kid, and then I saw it today on another colleague's shelf, who promptly gave it to me as a gift (Thanks, Jack!). It is some kind of game with wff's (in Polish notation), I haven't looked at the instructions yet. I thought something … Continue reading Wff ‘n Proof