Grad Conference on Logic & Language

Our awesome students are putting on a graduate student conference next May in Calgary!  It’s right before Congress2015, i.e., the big congress of Canadian humanities & social sciences societies, which includes the Canadian Philosophical Association, the Canadian Society for the History & Philosophy of Mathematics, and the Canadian Society for the History & Philosophy of Science, all in the same place.  Paper submission deadline is February 29.  Keynotes by Gila Sher and Dave Liebesman!  Props to Stephanie Reyes and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc who head the organizational effort.

All the details  at the website.

Logic & Language: 5th Annual Graduate Conference

Department of Philosophy
University of Calgary

May 27–28, 2016

The topic of the 2016 University of Calgary Graduate Philosophy Conference will be Logic and Language. Topics at the intersection of philosophy of language and (philosophy of) logic have a long and fruitful history, and continue to be at the forefront of research in the “core” of analytic philosophy. We invite submissions on any topic in philosophy of language and/or logic and its philosophy, with a preference for papers that address issues at their intersection, or papers that engage with the work of either of our keynotes. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

• Truth
• conditionals
• logical form
• the relationship(s) between formal and natural languages
• the meanings of syncategoremata
• counterfactuals
• formal semantics
• modals
• translation
• historical connections between logic and language
• propositions
• . . .

Rózsa Péter, Pioneer of Computability Theory

Rózsa Péter was one of the pioneers of recursive function theory. I wrote a short post about her for Ada Lovelace Day in 2010.  More recently, I’ve found this nice reminiscence/bio by Béla Andrásfai, a Hungarian graph theorist and Péter’s adoptive son.  I managed to track down one of his daughters, Eszter, who was so very kind to track down some pictures of Péter, one of which can be seen above. Many thanks, Eszter!