Beth Dissertation Prize Call for Nominations

FOLLI is soliciting nominations for the 2009 Beth Dissertation Prize in Logic, Language, and Information. Since 2002, FoLLI (the European Association for Logic, Language, and Information, awards the E. W. Beth Dissertation Prize to outstanding dissertations in the fields of Logic, Language, and Information. We invite submissions for the best dissertation which resulted in … Continue reading Beth Dissertation Prize Call for Nominations

Openproof Day 2009

On March 27, 2009, the people behind Language Proof and Logic will have a little meeting on the various courseware packages they have now and are currently developing: Openproof day will be a day of events discussing a variety of topics related to the work of the project, including: * Presentation of existing courseware packages … Continue reading Openproof Day 2009

Undergrad Logic Summer Schools

Not one but two logic summer schools for undergrads this year:Carnegie Mellon Summer School in Logic and Formal EpistemologyJune 8 to 26, with courses by Steve Awodey (Categories and Structures), Teddy Seidenfeld (Decisions and Games), and Jeremy Avigad (Logic and Formal Verification)Apply by March 15UCLA Logic Center 2009 Summer School for UndergraduatesJuly 13 to 31, … Continue reading Undergrad Logic Summer Schools

Canadian PhD Programs in the 2009 Philosophical Gourmet Report

With the kind permission of Brian Leiter, here's a breakout of the Canadian philosophy departments by specialty according to the 2009 Philosophical Gourmet Report. Major changes over the last (2008-10) edition: The Guelph-Laurier-McMaster program is no longer ranked, and neither is Waterloo. The "local means", i.e., mean scores from Canadian evaluators, are no longer reported. … Continue reading Canadian PhD Programs in the 2009 Philosophical Gourmet Report

Save Canadian Grad Student Funding in Humanties and Social Sciences!

The Conservative government's budget includes additional funding for Canada's granting councils to expand their graduate scholarship programs. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada stands to gain an additional $17.5 million, or 500 additional PhD scholarships and 1,000 additional MA scholarships. The catch: SSHRC's money is earmarked for "business-related degrees".If you're Canadian, please … Continue reading Save Canadian Grad Student Funding in Humanties and Social Sciences!

Interpretations of Propositional Dynamic Logic

In Krister Segerberg's modal logic seminar here in Calgary, we were talking about propositional dynamic logic last week. PDL was originally introduced (by Vaughn Pratt in the early 70's) to reason about programs. In the language, you have propositional variables but then also variables for (indeterministic) programs. Moreover, you have complex terms for programs, e.g., … Continue reading Interpretations of Propositional Dynamic Logic

New Blogs

I'm a bit late with this, but if you haven't heard, here are a couple of interesting new blogs: It's Only a Theory, a group blog on philosophy of science, including logicians/philosophers of math/historians of analytic philosophy Otávio Bueno, Elaine Landry, and Chris Pincock of (Honest Toil fame)B-log, a "logic-leaning philosophy blog" by JC Beall … Continue reading New Blogs