Computational Models of Scientific Reasoning & Applications IV

Brian has already linked to this year's Berkeley/Austin Formal Epistemology workshop and the Pitt/CMU Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities. Here's a related event: CMSRA-IV will be held September 21-23 in Lisbon. The mission statement reads, in part, "The CMSRA workshops are designed to promote research of high-level cognitive reasoning that addresses both the logico-philosophical issues surrounding … Continue reading Computational Models of Scientific Reasoning & Applications IV

New Logic Blog

Jon Cohen has started That Logic Blog with a post on symmetry in propositional logic and connections to problems of automorphism of colored graphs. And I fully agree with his statement that "while many people may believe [propositional logic] to be a completely mined out and somewhat trivial area, this is not so." Especially if … Continue reading New Logic Blog

Got a Paper on Cut Elimination?

If you have a paper on cut elimination and are looking for a journal, how about Studia Logica? There's a special issue on cut elimination in preparation; call for papers here. Deadline March 31.

Death by Frege

After a term in sunny SoCal, it's now back to Arctic temperatures and teaching. Today is day 1 of my philosophy of mathematics course, charmingly referred to by one student as "Death by Frege." And I'm not even making them read Grundgesetze! The reading list might be a little optimistic, but hey, who doesn't like … Continue reading Death by Frege

Logic and Philosophy IV

In his JfP Analysis 2004-05, Brian Weatherson notes an apparent dearth of logic job openings this season. I mentioned in the comments there, and previously here, that this season is actually pretty good for straight "AOS: Logic" jobs at top departments. Ken Taylor suggested that a dearth of logic jobs, combined with an apparent decline … Continue reading Logic and Philosophy IV