C. B. Martin, 1924-2008

My former colleague Charlie Martin died last Thursday. He was a major figure in metaphysics, one of the first to talk about truthmakers.Obituaries here and here.

New Modal Logic Books

Update on my old post on modal logic textbooks: Two new modal logic books I have recently come across: Nino B. Cocchiarella and Max A. Freund, Modal Logic: An Introduction to its Syntax and Semantics (Oxford, 2008)Walter Carnielli and Claudio Pizzi, Modalities and Multimodalities (Springer, 2008) Anyone already read these and have an opinion? The … Continue reading New Modal Logic Books

Carnap Reception at PSA

If you're going to be in Pittsburgh (at the PSA) in three weeks, please come to the Carnap Reception that Open Court is going to throw on Friday, Nov 7. I think it'll be at 5:30. Vol. 1 of Carnap's Collected Works will be presented. I expect there will be free drinks, too!

Logic and Category Theory

Since I'm hanging out with a bunch of category theorists every Wednesday, web finds with "category theory" in them keep attracting my attention. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this book draft posted on arXiv: Atish Bagchi and Charles Wells, Graph-based Logic and Sketches At first I thought, cool!, a new book on … Continue reading Logic and Category Theory

Jobs for Logicians

Are you sitting in front of the computer, hitting the "reload" button every two seconds to see if the October Jobs for Philosophers is posted on the APA website yet? Why not check out the job that we have right here: Assistant Professor with AOS in Logic?UPDATE: Hm, looks like there aren't many logic jobs … Continue reading Jobs for Logicians

CfP: Computability in Europe 2009

NB: History and philosophy of computation explicitly part of the scope. Note also the philosophers on the program committee and the special session on philosophical and mathematical aspects of hypercomputation.CiE 2009: COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2009 -Mathematical Theory and Computational PracticeHeidelberg, Germany19 - 24 July 2009Deadline for submissions: 20 JANUARY, 2009 http://www.math.uni-heidelberg.de/logic/cie2009/ CiE 2009 is the … Continue reading CfP: Computability in Europe 2009

Blog Changes

So I got fed up with Bloglines one time too many, and I switched to Google Reader. It maybe it's just that I'm still getting used to it, but I find the user interface of Bloglines a bit more intuitive. And it has served me well for years. Wait--Why do I feel bad about switching … Continue reading Blog Changes

Hájek/Pudlák for Cheap

If you're a member of the ASL,* you recently received the September Newsletter. In it--maybe easy to miss--this nice opportunity to acquire some logic books for cheap: For a limited time, the ASL is making available the following volumes from its book series at an additional discount.Lecture Notes in Logic (each volume $12 for ASL … Continue reading Hájek/Pudlák for Cheap