New SEP entries: Bolzano’s Logic, Frege v. Hilbert

Two new entries in the Stanford Encyclopedia just went on-line, brought to you by the authors and your friendly neighborhood History of Logic subject editors:Bolzano's logic, by Jan SebestikThe Frege-Hilbert controversy, by Patricia BlanchetteAlso interesting: Facts, by Kevin Mulligan and Fabrice Correia

Logic of Conditionals

New SEP entry on conditionals by Horacio Arlo-Costa: This article provides a survey of recent work in conditional logic. Three main traditions are considered: the one dealing with ontic models, the one focusing on probabilistic models and the one utilizing epistemic models of conditionals.

Combining Logics

New SEP entry on Combining Logics by Walter Carnielli and Marcelo Esteban Coniglio: The subject of combinations of logics is still a young topic of contemporary logic. Besides the pure philosophical interest offered by the possibility of defining mixed logic systems in which distinct operators obey logics of different nature, there exist also many pragmatical … Continue reading Combining Logics

CfP: Society for Exact Philosophy 2008

Call for PapersThe Society for Exact Philosophy invites submission of papers for the 36th annual S.E.P. conference to be held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. May 13-17, 2008.Keynote speakers:George Bealer (Yale),Charles Chihara (Berkeley),Graeme Forbes (Colorado).Conference organizer: Prof. Mark Moffett (Wyoming).Paper submissions in all areas of analytic philosophy are welcomed.Paper submission deadline: January … Continue reading CfP: Society for Exact Philosophy 2008