Job Prospects for Philosophy Students

Here's another article in the "you might not have thought it but philosophy undergrads are actually doing well in careers in business and law" mold, from a Canadian perspective.Philosophy’s makeover: Why job prospects for philosophy grads are brightening, by Daniel Drolet

New Open Access Logic Books from the ASL

Exciting developments! The Association of Symbolic Logic has made the now-out of print volumes in the Lecture Notes in Logic (vols. 1-12) and Perspectives in Mathematical Logic (vols. 1-12) open-access through Project Euclid. This includes classics like Shoenfield's Recursion Theory, Lindström's Aspects of Incompleteness in the LNL,Sacks' Higher Recursion Theory, Hájek and Pudlák's Metamathematics of … Continue reading New Open Access Logic Books from the ASL