Archimedes on Infinity

On FOM, Allen Hazen points to a review in Nature of Reviel Netz and William Noel's The Archimedes Codex. Here's Netz's own report on the relevant part of the palimpsest in which Archimedes comes up with the definition of equality between infinities in terms of a one-to-one correspondence. Also, transcript of Nova segment on the … Continue reading Archimedes on Infinity

Carnap: The Programming Language

An addition to the list of programming languages named after logicians (e.g., Gödel, Haskell, Curry): Carnap The Carnap Programming LanguageProcess oriented programming: shared data structures and the concurrent processes that act upon them.Carnap is a general purpose programming language for the next generation of many-core devices, many many-core systems and their applications. It introduces a … Continue reading Carnap: The Programming Language