Hypersequents and the proof theory of intuitionistic fuzzy logic

Clote, Peter G., and Helmut Schwichtenberg (eds.), Computer Science Logic. 14th International Workshop, CSL 2000. Fischbachau, Germany, August 21-26, 2000. Proceedings. (Springer, Berlin, 2000) 187-201
(with Matthias Baaz)

Takeuti and Titani have introduced and investigated a logic they called intuitionistic fuzzy logic. This logic is characterized as the first-order Gödel logic based on the truth value set [0, 1]. The logic is known to be axiomatizable, but no deduction system amenable to proof-theoretic, and hence, computational treatment, has been known. Such a system is presented here, based on previous work on hypersequent calculi for propositional Gödel logics by Avron. It is shown that the system is sound and complete, and allows cut-elimination. A question by Takano regarding the eliminability of the Takeuti-Titani density rule is answered affirmatively.

DOI: 10.1007/3-540-44622-2_12


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