PGR Is Out!

The new Philosophical Gourmet Report is out. Since everyone is looking at it right now, you might have trouble getting to the page, though.

I’m glad to see that Calgary is back in the ranking. The ranking of Canadia departments now includes 10 programs (which is more appropriate than the 5 previously ranked, by relative size of the country). Rankings are now done according to scaled mean (previously, programs were ranked according to raw mean). The scaled mean puts us in 11th place. However, if the ranking had been done by other indicators, we’d be tied for 10th (by raw mean), and tied for 6th (by raw local mean and by scaled local mean). We’re also in more specialty rankings: ranked in group 3 for Applied Ethics, “also notable” in Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Biology, and History of Analytic Philosophy, and we’re listed in American Pragmatism.

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