Computational Models of Scientific Reasoning & Applications IV

Brian has already linked to this year’s Berkeley/Austin Formal Epistemology workshop and the Pitt/CMU Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities. Here’s a related event:

CMSRA-IV will be held September 21-23 in Lisbon. The mission statement reads, in part, “The CMSRA workshops are designed to promote research of high-level cognitive reasoning that addresses both the logico-philosophical issues surrounding high-level cognitive notions such as ‘knowledge’, ‘belief’ and ‘rationality’ among others, and also addresses the computational issues involved in constructing practical working models of such reasoning. Research in this area is being driven by practical concerns and purely theoretical concerns. From a practical point of view, distributed computing and autonomous robotic agents offer two examples of research areas where there is increasing interest in improving the capabilities of agents (or distributed processes) to reason about what each ‘knows’. From a logico-philosophical point of view, the natural emphasis on formal semantics and syntax that computational modeling demands is generating new formal studies of concepts and relations that have been traditionally studied by philosophical logics, opening promising new lines of research.”

This should be exciting. And, hey, it’s in Lisbon.

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