Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy to Poetics

Just got this via FOM:

Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy to Poetics is available,

see Amazon UK and Amazon US [and Amazon Canada]:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your pertinent citations and aphorisms for Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy, Vincent F. Hendricks, King’s College Publications, March 2005, ISBN 1904987044, the independent follow-up to Feisty Fragments: For Philosophy.

Logical Lyrics contains almost 550 quotations on logic, logicians and logical matters (from a diverse fan of figures including Napoleon Bonaparte and Helena Christensen via Alfred Tarski, Stephen C. Kleene, A.N. Whitehead to Talking Heads and Supertramp) (about 210 individuals total) of which about 80 of these stem from PHILOG members (22 contributors; there is a credit line below your suggestions and all of you are listed alphatically (with country affiliation; The Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, Iran, Brazil and United Kingdom) at the end of the book under “Contributors”. It took roughly 4 months to collect all of the 550 quotations and track the references, 3 months to obtain the 278 permissions required.

Raymond Smullyan and Melvin Fitting kindly provided the blurbs for the back cover:

I found this collection utterly absorbing from beginning to end. It combines some very sagacious ideas with some choice bits that are delightfully funny.

Raymond M. Smullyan, New York

“If I were you, I would buy this book.” What does that mean? It means, “buy this book.” Why does it mean that? Perhaps this book will help you understand. Or perhaps not, but it will certainly be entertaining reading in the meantime.

Melvin Fitting, City University of New York

Although Logical Lyrics officially is released in March 2005, it is actually already available online with various online booksellers like Amazon (US, UK), Barnes and Noble, etc. The list price is £9 / $15 (196 pages including table of content, preface, disclaimer, A-Z, Contributors, Index).

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