Wff ‘n Proof

I heard about this from a colleague, who played it as a kid, and then I saw it today on another colleague’s shelf, who promptly gave it to me as a gift (Thanks, Jack!). It is some kind of game with wff’s (in Polish notation), I haven’t looked at the instructions yet. I thought something this weird could not have survived on the market for long. But apparently you can still get it from or used from Amazon etc. Does anyone still play this?

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  1. I played this game as a kid too and I have always been interested in picking it up again; I ordered another copy several years ago and I think it is still available.  Posted by Don Porter

  2. I played this game with my uncle when I was a child. I was at my parent’s house this past week and was looking through my uncle’s stuff in the basement where I found the game. The foam if the box disintigrated when I touched it, but I was able to recover all of the remaining pieces and the instruction book. I hope I can find someone close by that would like to learn and play it. Posted by Terence Evans

  3. In the late 60’s I actually took a ‘math logic’ class in jr. high that used the manual as a text. Apparently the inventor’s brother taught jr. high math in the local Burbank Ca. schools and helped formulate the game. A brilliant use and a great class. The game’s been around for years and is apparently still in print, new and improved. They used to sell it in local toy stores here. Posted by Jim Carlile

  4. Believe it or not we used to play this in a transcendental meditation center that I lived in in the early 1970’s. Someone should make up a new version. Posted by charlie donahue

  5. My dad had a set that he used to play with all the time. He tried showing it to me when I was younger, but it never really caught on with me. I just pulled it out a few days ago and now I can’t put it down. I highly recommend it as a learning tool for students of all ages! Incidentally the foam on my set is also disintegrating… I’m glad to hear they’re still making it available. Posted by elena mullins

  6. Anyone know where I can get replacement parts? I have a nearly original version (threw out the case when the foam disintegrated) but am missing two of the red dice. Posted by Ian Durham

  7. I’ve played this almost since it first came out – I must have been around 10 or 12 years old – and I still play it now (original set, too!). I used it when I taught electronics (it really helps in understanding Boolean logic) and recommend it to everyone.You can still find them if you snoop around antique shops, unless you want to cough up $50 on Amazon. Posted by Tarlan Fisher

  8. I used to play from middle school to early high school in Detroit Michigan. There is actually a National League for playing this called Academic Games League of America (AGLOA). There are a bunch of games that are played including WFF-N_PROOF, Equations, Onsets, Onwords and others. I remember having a lot of fun with it as a kid and would like to pick it up again. Here is the site for the AGLOA: Posted by Hillary

  9. I played in Detroit, Michigan during middle school. I took out my set today and look at the first few problems. I want to learn to play again… I was involved in a program called DAPCEP over the summer at NW High school on the BLVD. I am 36. Posted by Danne

  10. Anyone interested in playing Wff ‘n Proof or Equations online — PLEASE e-mail me! Posted by John Patten

  11. I’m a middle school teacher who is coaching students involved in NAGT (National Academic Games Tournament) held each April at Rock Eagle, Georgia. This is the original Academic Games league from which AGLOA split off. NAGT has been around for over 40 years, and Dr. Layman Allan still attends Nationals every year. In fact, I just attended a two day WFF workshop led by him in Weirton, WV. My students will be beginning to learn WFF this year, so if any of you who have played it before have tips for us or would like to play us online, we’d be very interested.  Posted by Becky Haun

  12. Hello all. I just bought this game and unfortunately it did not come with instructions. Would some kind fellow gamer possibly send me a copy of the instructions or pass on a link where I can obtain them. I teach fifth and sixth grade math in a special education department and can’t wait to play this game with them. Thanks!

  13. Actually, they are not there. I have the cubes from a game my father brought home in about 1964 or 1965. I remember the foam in the set crumbling, and I don’t know what happened to the cover, the hour glass (minute glass), or the little pieces of paper.I would really like to find the manual online. I guess I don’t want to pay $35 for the complete set from the folks who sell it now.

  14. I used to play this game as a child as well. I miss Academic Games! I would be interested in playing on-line.

  15. My parents got the game for us mail order back in the 70s. I have all the dice but have misplaced the book. I recently came across another game in the catalog called ON SETS that is just what it means too. A real cool game that progresses in difficulty like WFF N’ PROOF. I had to make a new set of cards from some old business cards but they work. I too was wondering about the game. It was touted as a way to teach computer logic by the early mid 1970s. There were a lot of other games in the catalog too. Like Queries and Theories among others. The Propaganda game made with help from Loren Green of Bonanza fame always fascinated me. Is the whole catalog line even available, or just WFF N’ PROOF?

  16. If and when I find the manual I will scan it in and make a PDF of the 1974 edition. I am sure it may not be totally legal but I am sure if you have the cubes you had the book, and no one with out the sit if dice would have any possible use for the book. It ticks me off that I can not find the book yet I could find each and every one of those dice after the foam disintegrated. Typical dumb luck that I seem to have. I will have to clean that room out completely soon for a repair shop bedroom thing. I have a king sized bed I only use 25% of. That goes.

  17. I got interested in Wff’n Proof to help me learn computing, seeing I have lost short term memory.Would it help? I need an easy program to practice the common moves , without causing rigor mortis.Any ( polite) suggestions?

  18. Not only is this game still available, there are school tournaments for it!

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