Two New Logic Blogs

There are two new logic blogs linked on the sidebar. The first is Andrej Bauer’s Mathematics and Computation, the other is Logicomp, a blog on logic and complexity theory by Anthony Widjaja at the University of Toronto.

One thought on “Two New Logic Blogs

  1. A third logic blog. This one specializes in informal logic (nothing fancy, though we may get modal now and again). We aim to reach a popular audience, especially writers and bloggers. Thus, we ever-so- creatively named it “Blogic For Writers.”Popularizing logic is not for sissies. And for what it’s worth, your distinction with a difference –between implication and inference — offers clarity, but at the cost of asking people to use language in a way other than that to which they seem quite accustomed. If you succeed here, I have no doubt you will also win several lotteries.Best Fishes Posted by Christopher Brown

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