More on Gödel in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Wow, it’s just raining Gödel references. The latest issue of the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic is all about Gödel, with exciting-sounding titles like “Future tasks for Gödel scholars” (John W. Dawson, Jr. and Cheryl A. Dawson), “On Gödel’s way in: the influence of Rudolf Carnap” (Warren Goldfarb), and “Gödel’s reformulation of Gentzen’s first consistency proof for arithmetic: the no-counterexample interpretation” (W. W. Tait). The papers are freely available in PostScript on the BSL website. If you can’t display PostScript, convert the files here or wait for the issue to appear on Project Euclid. (The issue also has a nice review by Dirk Schlimm of my paper on Hilbert’s “verunglückter Beweis”–thanks, Dirk!)

2 thoughts on “More on Gödel in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

  1. Yesterday, I thought I knew something. Today, I think I know nothing. Cal 57 Looking for intelligence somewhere? Posted by Jane

  2. New to blogging, and not a mathematician- apologies for ignorance. Hoping I would find someone to help me find if anything has been done with Richard’s paradox and Efficient Market theory. It seems to me that a market would be denumerable, and that infinitely many sentences not on the list of efficient investment transaction histories could be constructed by the diagonal method. Therefore, it would be possible to construct a formal proof of the assertion that deviations from an efficient market can be arbitrarily large. This thought seems to me to be a very big deal, if true. And it seems to be possible to do this proof. So I am suspicious that I have missed something. Can anyone help, either set me straight, or help write the proof formally?Charles Matthews Posted by charles matthews

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