SSHRC Grants in Philosophy for 2005

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has posted a list of new Standard Research Grants for 2005. The success rate for philosophy grants was 38%, down from 48% last year, with applications only increasing slightly (96 vs. 92 last year). The funding rate went down from 46% last year to 25% this year, however, that’s due to the vastly higher requests (a total of 7.8m CAD this year vs. 3.2m CAD last year). This year, new scholars (≤ 5 years beyond PhD) were more successful, with a 38% success rate vs. 29% last year; correspondingly, established scholars were less successful.

Here are the winners. I’ve included the dollar figure (in CAD), but these shouldn’t be taken as an indication of the quality of the project. The funding rate depends on the requirements of the project (travel, research support) and on the amount of graduate student funding, not just on the ranking of the proposal. Faculty release time is almost never funded by SSHRC. I’ve also included the French grants, since I am now a Canadian landed immigrant (probably I’m required to by law!). I’ve probably missed some, and I’ve also left some out if the recipients weren’t in philosophy. Email me if you think I should include a grant not on here.

  1. Brown, M. Bryson, The University of Lethbridge; Jennings, Raymond E.; Simon Fraser University; Schotch, Peter K., Dalhousie University. Preservationism. $115,277
  2. Linsky, Bernard, University of Alberta. The second edition of Principia Mathematica. $26,332
  3. Wilson, Robert A., University of Alberta. Domains of the social $49,211
  4. Brake, Elizabeth E., University of Calgary. Marriage, neutrality, and institutional transformation. $44,304
  5. Markotic, Lorraine J., University of Calgary. Unrecognized gifts, unnoticed giving. $30,842
  6. Shapiro, Lisa C., Simon Fraser University. The passions and the problem of human nature in Descartes. $39,284
  7. Schabas, Margaret, The University of British Columbia. Hume’s political economy. $37,200
  8. Simchen, Ori, The University of British Columbia. Cognitive relativity. $60,500
  9. Todd, Robert B., The University of British Columbia (Classics). Philosophy and science in late antiquity – two studies: Themistius on Aristotle Physics, Books 6 and 8; Damianus’ Optica. $26,429
  10. Walton, Douglas N., University of Winnipeg. Dialogue systems for argumentation in artificial intelligence and law. $62,264
  11. Renaud, Francois, Université de Moncton. L’herméneutique platonicienne à la fin de l’antiquité : les trois commentaires d’Olympiodore d’Alexandrie (VI s.) $21,448
  12. Lehoux, Daryn R., University of King’s College (HPST). Prediction in ancient science. $51,345
  13. Irvin, Sherri, Carleton University. Rethinking aesthetic theories in light of contemporary art. $50,427
  14. Kraay, Klaas J., Ryerson University. Theism, evil, and religious belief. $22,070
  15. Heyd, Thomas , Saint Paul University. Environmental philosophy and humanly modified spaces. $28,425
  16. Lennon, Thomas M., The University of Western Ontario. The idea of God in early modern philosophy. $26,950
  17. Maynard, Patrick, The University of Western Ontario. Many aesthetics. $20,176
  18. Stainton, Robert J. H., The University of Western Ontario; de Villiers, Jessica, The University of British Columbia; Kenyon, Tim A., University of Waterloo; Paul, Ileana, The University of Western Ontario; Viger, Christopher D., The University of Western Ontario. The semantics-pragmatics boundary from the perspective of cognitive science and pragmatic deficits in autism. $119,743
  19. Montminy, Martin, University of Ottawa. Contextualisme épistémologique. $49,752
  20. Rusnock, Paul H., University of Ottawa. Rusnock, Paul H. The philosophy of Bernard Bolzano (2). $49,438
  21. de Sousa, Ronald, University of Toronto. Emotion, truth and value. $59,856
  22. Hurka, Thomas M., University of Toronto. Moral theory from Sidgwick to Ross (1874-1939). $33,250
  23. Rattan, Gurpreet S., University of Toronto. Conflict and conceptual representation. $48,623
  24. Seager, William, University of Toronto. Emergence and consciousness. $30,950
  25. Sreenivasan, Gopal, University of Toronto. What is the meaning of informed consent? $37,734
  26. Yan, Jinfen, University of Toronto. Confucian mind, daoist body and buddhist destiny: ethical and philosophical thought of woman as reflected in classical poetry and the treasured volumes/Baojuan in Dunhuang. $24,500
  27. Guarini, Marcello, University of Windsor. Classificatory analogies: logical, cognitive and social dimensions. $65,965
  28. Andrews, Kristin A., York University. Understanding folk psychologies. $49,863
  29. Lapointe, Sandra, Concordia University. Signe, expression et comportement linguistique : philosophie du langage et théorie de la communication chez Edmund Husserl. $54,914
  30. Carson, Emily, McGill University. Mathematics in Kant’s critical philosophy. $62,095
  31. McGilvray, James A., McGill University. A naturalistic account of linguistic meaning. $71,253
  32. Bergo, Bettina G., Université de Montréal. History of anxiety in philosophy and psychoanalysis: 1844-1974. $55,724
  33. Bouchard, Frédéric, Université de Montréal. The new laws of biology and the expansion of evolutionary theory. $51,128
  34. Grondin, Jean , Université de Montréal. L’héritage de Gadamer. $83,635
  35. Laurier, Daniel, Université de Montréal. Raisons, rationalité et contenus. $64,069
  36. Lepage, François, Université de Montréal; Morgan, Charles G., University of Victoria. Formal semantics based on higher order probability theory. $74,270
  37. [Update: missed this one:] Heidi Maibom, Carleton University, “Defending a rationalist moral psychology”, 30,000$

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