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As reported on CT and Cosmic Variance, the preprint archive arXiv has now track-back enabled their entries. This means that if you discuss a paper available on arXiv in your blog and send a trackback ping, the arXiv page of the paper will link back to you post. arXiv is hugely popular in physics, but it is of course also a mathematics and CS preprint archive, and arXiv math.LO (Logic) and math.HO (History and Overview), among others, will be of interest to readers of this blog. So for example, if you’re interested in the question about conservativity of ideal over real mathematics in Hilbert’s writings, as it came up on FOM the other day, you might have a look at the last section of this paper. And if this trackback thing works, the arXiv page of that paper will link back to this post. Too bad the Front for the Math arXiv doesn’t do the trackbacks yet–it’s easier to browse the archives over there. RSS feeds of new entries to the arXiv have been available for a while; e.g., you can subscribe to

6 thoughts on “arXiv math.LO RSS feed and trackbacks

  1. Wow, that’s cool. Maybe it’s something that the editors of online philosophy journals like Philosophers’ Imprint  and the Australasian Journal of Logic could consider adding to the journals themselves? At the bottom of an article there could be links to web discussions of the articles. Both David Velleman (PI) and Greg Restall (the AJL) are active in the blogging community – if you’re reading this, what do you think? Posted by Gillian Russell

  2. Yes, Project Euclid , which has the NDJFL, and even JSTOR should get with it, too. Posted by Richard Zach

  3. I’d love to do it with the AJL, but I can’t (straightforwardly, anyway) until we’re allowed to run blogging software on the server — I’d give my eye teeth for that, since it would make my life so much easier… Then we’d be away. (And worrying about trackback spam, and everything else, of course…) Posted by Greg Restall

  4. You’re right; trackback spam would be an issue, and I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose one solution would be to moderate all trackbacks. I don’t know whether there’s a system that lets you do this and it would make the journal higher maintenance. Moderation would tend to slow the discussion down a bit as well, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.I wonder what arXiv  does about trackback spam? Maybe they’ve solved that problem already. Posted by Gillian Russell

  5. I think arXiv maintains a list of “authorized” blogs where trackbacks automatically get approved; otherwise a trackback has to wait to be moderated. Posted by Richard Zach

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