This is scary. Apparently someone in the next building over received a mystery envelope containing a white powder. When I got to campus there were police and hazmat people all over the place:

At 11:30 a.m. today the Bio Sciences building was evacuated as a precaution due to a concern involving an envelope sent to an office in that building. Since that time another envelope has been discovered in the same office and we are now in the process of investigating whether or not these packages pose any harm.

Please be on the alert that if you receive an envelope or package with no return address or a return address of anyone you do not recognize or in particular has a return address of North York, Ontario DO NOT OPEN the envelope.

One thought on “Scary

  1. Gosh – breaking news from logblog. Take care. When I was at Princeton we didn’t get any mail for a few weeks during time of the anthrax incidents, and then it all arrived at once, sealed in plastic biohazard bags with warnings that we shouldn’t eat anything that we found in there (not, I take it, because they thought philosophers were so dumb that they might well eat any white powders that arrived, but because the packages had undergone some kind of irradiation treatment that made consumption of their contents inadvisable (I think maybe it just made certain kinds of preservative ineffective, turning your care package from home into a brilliantly targeted biological weapon of doom.)  Posted by Gillian Russell

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