Synthese special issue on Frege and Hilbert

The October issue of Synthese, edited by Bernd Buldt, Volker Halbach, and Reinhard Kahle, contains a bunch of exciting papers on Frege and Hilbert:

  • Amending Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, by Fernando Ferreira
  • Real numbers and set theory – Extending the Neo-Fregean Programme Beyond Arithmetic, by Bob Hale
  • Frege’s permutation argument revisited , by Kai Wehmeier and Peter Schroeder-Heister
  • Problems and riddles: Hilbert and the du Bois-Reymonds, by D. C. McCarty
  • The constructive Hilbert Program and the limits of Martin-Löf Type Theory, by Michael Rathjen
  • Dedekind’s analysis of number: systems and axioms, by Wilfried Sieg and Dirk Schlimm
  • Against Against Intuitionism, by Dirk Schlimm

2 thoughts on “Synthese special issue on Frege and Hilbert

  1. Thanks for pointing out this issue — it looks very interesting!Also, possibly of interest to readers of LogBlog is a special issue of Dialectica  on the Caesar Problem. It was edited by Josep Macia and includes 8 papers. Best,PhilipP.S. I know it’s a shameless act of self-promotion: A co-authored paper of mine (with Roy Cook) is published in that issue… Posted by Philip Ebert

  2. Dirk is quite prolific this year. It’s a shame I don’t have the time to read any of them. The Wehmeier and Heister paper looks very interesting but the latest Garfield is out. Posted by lumpy pea coat

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