Schwichtenberg and Pohlers Festschriften

Two greats of German logic turned 60 not too long ago: Helmut Schwichtenberg in 2002 and Wolfram Pohlers in 2003. Both had birthday conferences held in their honor, and the proceedings thereof appear in the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic this year, the Schwichtenberg Festschrift in the May and the Pohlers Festschrift in the October issue. If proof theory is your thing, check out these issues—both are jam-packed with exciting papers on various topics, from explicit mathematics (Jäger and Strahm) to proof theoretic ordinals (Weiermann), from strong normalization in second-order natural deduction (Tatsuta and Mints) to complexity and propositional proof systems (Beckmann and Buss), epsilon substitution (Arai) to elementary arithmetic (Ostrin and Wainer), plus a bunch of computer-sciency logic by the likes of Stärk and Abramsky.

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