Scientific American Special Issue on Logic

Yes, that would be nice if the Scientific American did a special issue on logic. But it’s actually a special issue of Pour la Science, the French edition of the Scientific American. Pour la Science Dossier N° 49 (October 2005) is on “Les chemins de la logique”. It looks really exciting, and I wish I could just go out and pick it up at the newsstand (and that my French was better).

It has sections on “history of logic” (including Mark van Atten on Brouwer and Gödel, Jean-Paul Delahaye on proof and certainty in mathematics), “language and meaning” (Paul Égré on logical analysis of natural language, Pascal Engel on free logic, Gabriel Sandu on truth and meaning, Patrice Bailhache on alethic and deontic logics), “knowledge and exchange” (Johan van Benthem on logic of information flow, Jacques Dubucs on knowledge and belief), and “psychological mechanisms” (Hannes Leitgeb on reasoning with neural nets, and Didier Dubois and Henri Prade on reasoning with uncertainty). These are just the names I recognize, do have a look at the rest of the stuff. The issue is edited by Dubucs and Sandu, unfortunately their introduction is the only one of the texts available online.

Hat tip: Varia.

[Update: I had carefully added links to all the topics, but the Pour la Science website just doesn’t let you do that. So you’ll have to click on the “Dossier” link from the PlS main page, and then perhaps select issue 49.]

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