New Year, De-Lurking Week

Well, the Gödel Year has started, and I’m back at work in Calgary. Over break, Matthias, Norbert, and I finally finished our long-overdue paper on first-order Gödel logics. Now it’s on to teaching: intro logic (good for the soul) and a new course on “Evidence” that Dennis McKerlie and I are running as a pilot project. We got a grant from the “Inquiry Through Blended Learning” project at the UofC’s Learning Commons to develop some new content and a new format. It’s going to be all high-tech. Every student has a blog! Group projects done in our Wiki!

Also, it’s International De-Lurking Week, so say hello in the comments!

4 thoughts on “New Year, De-Lurking Week

  1. The evidence class looks a lot like an epistemology class w/ a section on moral knowledge (or something) added in. I don’t mean to criticize, but what’s especially “evidencial” about it? Will the lectures be geared more to thinking about these readings in relation to the idea of evidence or something? (For the legal section it might be good to use Alvin Goldman’s nice paper on evidence in the Blackwell Guide to Legal Theory. It’s very nice.) Chris Sanchirico at Penn Law also has some very interesting papers on evidence that might be of use- on cognitive error and evidence tamporing. He has links on his web page, here: Posted by Matt

  2. Well, the whole thing was an idea that came from the Dean’s office. We’re construing it in a broad sense–and we’d probably have picked a different title. So yes, there’s a lot of straightforward epistemology, but the stuff on scientific explanation and the 4 weeks (1/3 of term) on moral and legal reasoning aren’t standard epistemology fare. Our TA has a law degree, and he’s going to do some stuff on evidence in the legal sense with the kids that didn’t make it into the syllabus. Thanks for the suggestions! Posted by Richard Zach

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