Truth and Proof in Edinburgh

The 2006 RZ World tour just started at the “Truth and Proof” conference in Edinburgh. Thanks Jeff Ketland and Jean-Louis Hudry for putting this on and inviting me! So far we had some excellent talks by John Dawson on the history of the notion of truth and use of semantic methods in logic; by Hannes Leitgeb on his work on modal predicates; and by Phil Welch on games describing supervaluation fixpoints and Hannes’ dependency stuff. Met some people I’ve been hoping to meet for a long time, including Jeff, John, Peter Smith, Stewart Shapiro, Phil Ebert, Aatu Koskensilta, and seeing some old friends again. Ok, no time to put in links, Stewart is speaking in a few minutes, and then Panu Raatikainen.

One thought on “Truth and Proof in Edinburgh

  1. Your talk looks quite interesting! Do you have a written version of that? It would also be nice to hear more about the talks by Shapiro and Raatikainen. Posted by Kenny Easwaran

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