Happy 100, Kurtele!

Gödel would have turned 100 years old today. Happy Birthday, Kurtele! Merry Gödelmas, everyone else! I’m going to report on today’s sessions (well, on Hajek’s and Putnam’s) at the Gödel Centennial conference tomorrow, since I have to get ready now for the fancy Gala Dinner at the Belvedere Palace. (“Black Tie Optional”. I guess I’ll wear a black tie, since I still don’t own a tux.)

2 thoughts on “Happy 100, Kurtele!

  1. No tux?! Whatever happened to the Calgarian with style  that we all know and love? (Or maybe this is just illustrating my lack of knowledge of style.) Posted by Kenny Easwaran

  2. I know! H&M had a nice tux for something like 200 EUR a few years ago, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting it. There’s maybe one occasion a year where it would be appropriate, but hey, I bought an academic gown in the University of California colors when I graduated, and I don’t ever get to wear that. So really, I have no excuse. Posted by Richard Zach

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