Proof-theoretic Semantics in Synthese

The February issue of Synthese is a special issue on proof-theoretic semantics, edited by Reinhard Kahle and Peter Schröder-Heister. It’s papers from a conference in Tübingen in 1999.

  • Dag Prawitz, Meaning Approached Via Proofs
  • Peter Schroeder-Heister, Validity Concepts in Proof-theoretic Semantics
  • Patrizio Contu, The Justification of the Logical Laws Revisited
  • Lars Hallnäs, On the Proof-theoretic Foundation of General Definition Theory
  • William W. Tait, Proof-theoretic Semantics for Classical Mathematics
  • Göran Sundholm, Semantic Values for Natural Deduction Derivations
  • Kosta Dosen, Models of Deduction
  • Reinhard Kahle, A Proof-theoretic View of Necessity
  • Gabriele Usberti, Towards a Semantics Based on the Notion of Justification
  • Grigori Mints, Notes on Constructive Negation
  • Michael Rathjen, Theories and Ordinals in Proof Theory

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