More Gödel Celebrations

A few more upcoming conferences marking Gödel’s 100th birthday:

  • The Annual Meeting of the ASL in Montreal next week will include a Special Gödel Symposium featuring Jeremy Avigad, Steve Awodey, Bill Tait, John Burgess, Akihiro Kanamori, and Sy Friedman.
  • The Dutch Graduate School in Logic is putting on a Gödel Centenary Celebration in Utrecht, on May 26. The speakers are Mark van Atten, Dennis Dieks, Dick de Jongh, Juliette Kennedy, Benedikt Löwe, and Albert Visser.
  • The Logic Colloquium in Nijmegen will include a 2-hour plenary discussion on the legacy of Kurt Gödel on August 2.

One thought on “More Gödel Celebrations

  1. The Goedel Centenary Celebration in Utrecht was a success; the room was packed. During the closing words, Albert Visser mentioned some (most?) of the slides and contents of the talks will be put on the webpage in the next weeks.Only Benedikt Loewe and Dennis Dieks had real slides and those of Dennis are already online I see. Hopefully more will follow soon. Posted by Martijn Vermaat

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