Dear Matt

I am very sorry. There will be more logic blogging very soon, I promise. I’m off to Prague for the Vagueness and Uncertainty workshop, and if the Academy of Sciences also has internet access in the villa they’re putting me up in, I will liveblog it. Rosanna Keefe! Stewart Shapiro (who has a new book, which y’all should check out)! Peter Milne! Roy Sorensen! And my man Chris Fermüller.
(And UPDATE: Patrick Greenough! Sorry.)

4 thoughts on “Dear Matt

  1. Have a good trip. I’ll look forward to hearing about the conference. It looks like a good line-up. Posted by Matt

  2. If you get this in Prague, give my kind regards to Rosanna, my onetime Vagueness  co-editor. And have a good conference! Posted by Peter Smith

  3. I’ve spent all day reading about Bayes Nets, so perhaps I have gone a bit mad, but does Peter Smith (of Vagueness fame) have a site about Amazing Bible Studies? Posted by Paul Robinson

  4. That’s funny! indeed resolves to a bible study website. Paul, you better not misspell the URL of your blog or your reputation will be shot, too. Ha! Posted by Richard Zach

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