Hilbert in Kyoto

I just spent a wonderful week in Kyoto at the invitation of Susumu Hayashi. Susumu’s been working on Hilbert’s notebooks, and he, Mariko Yasugi, Wilfried Sieg, Koji Nagatogawa, and I have had several days of interesting discussions about them. The last two days there was a workshop on Hilbert and computability, and it was a pleasure to see and talk to Yasuo Deguchi, Anton Setzer, Toshi Arai, and many others. Many thanks to Susumu and his students, and in particular to Koji, without whose help and translation services Wilfried and might have gotten lost, starved to death, and certainly wouldn’t have had as good a time.

If you read German, check out Susumu’s students’ compilation of Hilbert’s maxims from the notebooks.

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