Of Names

I just had the following interesting exchange with my colleague Jack MacIntosh, in which every question was asked sincerely, and I have every reason to believe that Jack’s statements were true:

RZ: Zeno and Plato were contemporaries, right?
JM: Yes, for a while.
RZ: Did Plato retire before Aristotle began his studies?
JM: About Aristotle, I don’t know.
RZ: But Aristotle was never Plato’s student, right?
JM: No, he wasn’t. But Plato’s favorite historical figure–whom he worked on and gave classes on–was Plotinus.

3 thoughts on “Of Names

  1. Is there some explanation of the context so that these answers make sense? Is this Jan von Plato you’re talking about? Posted by Kenny Easwaran

  2. Zeno Vendler and Plato Mamo are former faculty in the Calgary Department–I think Zeno left for UCLA in the early 70s, and Plato was here till the mid-80s. Aristotle Sarantis was an MA student in the Department in the late 90s. Posted by Richard Zach

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