Changes II

Ok, it looks like the move worked. Please let me know if you notice anything broken. And, if you’re reading this on a feed reader, check out the new site design for a second.

10 thoughts on “Changes II

  1. The Home tab on the Research, Teaching and CV pages are non-functional. The url associated with the tab is missing the ‘~’ before ‘rzach’.

  2. I like your masthead– excellent selection of logic/math/philosophy books!

  3. I have to know. What is the book between ‘Selected Works of G. Peano’ and Kurt Gödel’s ‘Collected Works, Vol.1’?

  4. The page is nice. I admit that I hunger to know all of the titles that are not clear as well (and which volume of PM is that?). How about a post on your book list?

  5. While you’re changing things – one design feature I really like in blogs is when each individual post has the links at the top to the previous and next post. That way I can get to one in my firefox live bookmark, and then browse to the next one directly, instead of having to go to the bookmark menu again.

  6. Ok, a quick look at Blogger documentation suggests it can’t. But: you have the “previous post” thing in the sidebar, so if you always go to the newest postm, then you can go back without using the Firefox live bookmarks.

  7. Yeah, I normally try to remember to do that. I should also try to implement this suggestion at Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants, given that I post there, and I think it doesn’t even have the “recent posts” section.

  8. Is there anything more beautiful than a shelf of books?The link to your paper “History of Logic 1900-1935” didn’t work.

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