Logic Course Survey

Can you help the ASL Committee on Logic Education? Please take this survey.

Dear Members of the ASL,

One of the responsibilities of the ASL Education Committee is to help its membership tackle pedagogical difficulties in teaching logic courses. In order to properly do this, we need to fully understand the goals such courses are intended to achieve. The focus of a logic class can be very different depending on whether it is in a mathematics, philosophy, or computer science department.

Logic courses in philosophy departments pose a particular challenge because they have so much variability – both in audience and in focus. In order that we may better understand them, Wilfried Sieg of Carnegie Mellon has developed an online survey regarding introductory logic classes. This survey may be accessed at


If you teach such a class, I ask that you take the time to fill this survey out. Furthermore, if you have colleagues who teach such classes but are not members of the ASL, please forward this information on to them. Any information that we gather will help us serve our membership better.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours truly,
Walker White
Chair, ASL Committee on Education

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